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Polar Eclipse is a fun, educational board game about climate change and our environment. Ideal for global citizens eight years to adult, the game is interactive and empowering.  A curriculum guide assists fourth to eighth grade teachers who play the game in science, language arts and social studies. The game explores lifestyle, endangered species, energy use, population, global warming, sustainability and much more. Great for families and schools, the game won Dr. Toy, Best Green Product and Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine. Created by Lori McDonald, of turn 4 turn llc in Park City, Utah. Includes links for kids to learn about environmental organizations, NGO's, other educational games and global environmental issues. Partially funded by Kickstarter. To survive, your species must make it into the future while getting cooler. If you get too hot, you will become extinct.


Learning through play, Polar Eclipse is a game of ideas. It's interactive and surprising. Luck, consequence and knowledge will move you toward your survival and ultimately the survival of all players. To survive, your species must make it into the future while getting cooler. Your habitat will be compromised by events often out of your control. Help the other species when you can. Grab a pillow and a spot in the tent... LET'S PLAY!

The game board is a warm to cool, and past to future - grid. Threads of ecology, lifestyles, natural resources, connections with nature, quotes and open ended discussion are woven through the gameplay for a unique learning experience.