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Polar Eclipse is a fun, educational board game about climate change and our environment. Ideal for global citizens eight years to adult, the game is interactive and empowering.  A curriculum guide assists fourth to eighth grade teachers who play the game in science, language arts and social studies. The game explores lifestyle, endangered species, energy use, population, global warming, sustainability and much more. Great for families and schools, the game won Dr. Toy, Best Green Product and Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine. Created by Lori McDonald, of turn 4 turn llc in Park City, Utah. Includes links for kids to learn about environmental organizations, NGO's, other educational games and global environmental issues. Partially funded by Kickstarter. To survive, your species must make it into the future while getting cooler. If you get too hot, you will become extinct.

How to Play



  • Playing time: 30-45 minutes
  • 2 to 5 players
  • Ideal for 4th-8th grade and families



About Earth Treasures and Critical Habitats

Earth Treasures (SEASHELLS) represent the many gifts Earth provides to support life. Some examples are topsoil,
sea life or an old growth forest. Earth Treasures can also represent places you have visited - scuba diving near a coral reef, climbing to the top of a mountain, picking apricots or sitting on a big rock by a stream. Wild places you love! Critical Habitats (ROCKS) represent habitats critical to the survival of certain plants and animals. Wetlands and the Amazon rainforest are two examples.

Setting up the Game

1. Choose the species/player you would like to be. The choices are Sea Turtle, Redwood Tree, Mallard Duck, Cheetah or boy. (2 to 5 players)
2. All players place five Earth Treasures (SEASHELLS) and one Critical Habitat (ROCK) on any square of the game board. A square can have more than one Earth Treasure or Critical Habitat. All players also get five Earth Treasures to start their collection before the game begins.
3. Shuffle the cards and deal each player three cards. Place the remaining cards in a pile, face down. Put the pile of extra Earth Treasures off the board and pick one player to handle the treasure pile. Read your cards silently.
4. The youngest player (in humnan years) is first. Like the Earth’s rotation, turns go counter-clockwise around the circle.

Time to Play - The Rules

1. For your first turn only, roll the dice and move to the year on the dice at 90 degrees.
2. For all remaining turns, choose one of your three cards to play. Read the card out loud and remember - a card can be used to move your player or any player of your choice. (unless it’s a red “fire” card, and the card reads “this card is for you.” After playing your card, draw a new card from the top of the pile. Put the played cards off to the side.
You will always have three cards and play one card per turn.
3. As you play, collect (SAVE) as many Earth Treasures and Critical Habitats as you can. The player with the most Earth Treasures when any player lands on a “Game Over” square wins!

More Rules and things to know

Ways to collet (SAVE) Earth Treasures

  • Land directly on a square with an Earth Treasure and that treasure is yours. • Land on a Critical Habitat (ROCK) and trade it in for 5 Earth Treasures.
  • Play a TELL US ABOUT card (Collect your Earth Treasures if you do your best to answer the question or share your ideas.)
  • Land on a power or animal picture square and collect 1 Earth Treasure, however, when landing on the Oil, Coal or Gas square, no Earth Treasure is collected or (SAVED).
  • Land directly on one of the four “Game Over” squares and collect two, four, six, eight or ten Earth Treasures.
  • When you “move in any direction” you can zig-zag and/or go in a straight line, as long as you move the correct number of steps.
  • When a red-fire card is drawn, it must be played on the next turn.
  • You must land directly on a “Game Over” square to end the game.
  • You can not move another player to a “Game Over” square.
  • Feel free to add your own rules or variations. Majority rule or role the dice. Be creative when inspired. ~ If you land on a 100 degree square you are extinct and out of the game.